Welcome to be a member in one of the most exiting and challenging projects, to transform a whole nation. This requires courage and emphatic hearts.

We challenge you to stand with us in this work, that is born from the heart of God. At you can look under the meny: Project H4M to see the development of IPROMEL.

The annual member fee is going 100% to the work of IPROMEL. Please be a part of this very important work of Transformation Management of Africa/Mozambique. Hope for a bettter future.

Focus on Africa, c/o Lövingsgatan 8, 55312 Jönköping, Sweden or in Mocambique 849012008. Av Emilia Dausse 574, Maputo

IBAN: SE10 6000 0000 0006 7567 1418,  Swift: Handsess.

Swish 0708148961 (Sverige)

Bankgiro 102-7622 (Handelsbanken)

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