EDU 200: Media, Communication & Journalism Jobs

EDU 201: Media, Communication & Journalism

Writing and Editing Jobs 

Writing is a broad category in media, stretching from journalism (see below) to content marketing and filmmaking. Each of those writers typically has an editor whose job it is to ensure that the written piece meets the standards set by the publication or program leadership. Read more: Writing & Editing Jobs

Journalism  jobs

Journalism refers to any form of investigative reporting in any medium; whether print, online, television, or radio. While most often associated with the news, documentary film-making is another powerful form of journalism. Journalists perform in-depth research (even embedding in order to glean knowledge through experience) on current issues and events in order to share their findings with their audience. Read more: Journalism Jobs

Producing and the Production Team jobs 

Producers are responsible for the overall performance associated with a show or film. Producers manage radio stories, podcasts, a TV episode, or a movie. In a large production, like a movie, the producer may be coordinating the activities of hundreds and thousands of people. The producer of a five-minute radio spot might be the writer, announcer/actor, and editor all in one. Read more: Producing and the production Team Jobs

Advertising / Marketing Jobs

Advertising and marketing jobs can be very lucrative. If you work as an advertising salesperson or account manager, you are most likely responsible for selling ad space. Advertisements often form a significant source of income for a particular medium. Income-generating ads are commercials, space in a magazine or website, and billboards. Read more: Advertising/Marketing Jobs

E-Commerce / Communications Technologies Jobs

IT specialists, technicians, and web designers are essential for constructing sophisticated, web-based media and e-commerce technologies. Working behind the scenes, they make sure that Internet web service projects launch on time, then monitor the project for any bugs or maintenance issues. Read more: E-Commerce / Communications Technologies Jobs


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