iPromel Incubator – Take Off

iPromel – Incubator ”Take Off” program

We dedicate focus and time to the teams that have chosen to work with us

Take Off – is iPromel Innovation’s business incubator which aims at helping companies to attain a long-term viability and the prerequisites for growth.

Take Off is a dedicated self-sufficiency incubator program at iPromel which supports successful commercial development of businesses within Entrepreneurship.

We welcome applicants from the iPromel programs at iPromel business Innovations as well as other newly started companies with a commercial, verified business opportunity.

Membership in Take Off runs for a maximum of three years with annual evaluations in order to qualify for continued membership.

Take Off comprises of various resources and activities in the order and to the extent most appropriate for each start-up.

Who can apply?

We welcome startup companies sprung from ideas validated in iPromel Media & Leadership programs. 

The incubator is also open to other start-up business based companies in entrepreneurship from Focus Business School. The membership in Take Off runs for a maximum of three years with annual evaluations to qualify for continued membership.

What do we offer?

Together with our selected partners, the Take Off incubator offers unique business development opportunities and financing support adapted to the company’s specific needs.

Services within Our Take Off program:

  • An own business development coach
  • Access to Advisory Board
  • Access to expert consulting services
  • Access to investors through – Take Off NetWorld ( a part of FONA* NetWorld)
  • Access to theme days and events

The business incubator is funded by iPromel Foundation, Focus on Africa Foundation and other Partners.

* FONA – Focus ON Africa – www.focusonafrica.se

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