Transformational Leadership

A Leader is one who knows the Way, Goes the Way, and Shows the Way. This is the wisdom behind a good leader, who dares to take the first step to wisdom, selfinsight, to see others out from who you are.

So the fault is ALWAYS the stronger (Dag Hammarsköld)

He was impossible. Not that he is not doing his work: on the contrary, he laid down an endless toil on the information you gave him. But his manner brought him into conflict with everybody and started to eventually damage the entire operation.

When the crisis came, and everything must come ”in the day” he blamed it all on us: for him there was nothing, absolutely nothing to criticize. As strong as his self-esteem apparently was tied to the idea that he was blameless, it felt disgusting to step by step remove the contradictions in his defense, paragraph by paragraph undress him before his own eyes. But fairness to others demanded it.

When the last lie was taken away from him and we felt that nothing more was to say it came in convulsive weeping:

But why have you never helped me, Why did you not rebuke me -. I have probably known that you were against me. And the fear and uncertainty has pushed me further and further into what you now blame. It has been so heavy, everything. One day, I remember, I was so happy: one of you had said anything I come up with was really good –

So was the failure at the end ours. We had been silent with our criticism – but let it stop us to give him a single recognition. And thus blocked all roads to cure.

So the fault is always the stronger. We miss life’s patience. We instinctively seek to eliminate a person from our responsibility sphere, as soon as the outcome of this life experiments in our eyes appears as failure. But life pursuing its experiments far beyond the limit of our values. Therefore seems life sometimes so much harder than death. ” (Dag Hammarsköld, UN Chairman of the board Died: September 18, 1961, Ndola)

Summary: It is you as a leader that helps individuals to find out who they really are and to reach their optimal uniqueness in the team, as Gods creations.

A blind leader

“How can a blind man lead another blind man, without they are both falling”. This means that you need first to take a good look at yourself, before you van see other people.

You need to learn how to see.

Self Centered Leadership – Axiology

We start week 1 with self analyses that discovers and tells who your gifts are from birth (DNA). WE as human beings have seven (7) main characters in different orders that is giving us our personality, who you really are. This is fundamental to become a leader of yourself and others.

Fundamental psychology

Maslow explonation of human basic needs to function

In this course we will talk about and discover what psychological basic needs there is that govern us as human beings. This knowledge is fundamental in order to understand how the psychological mechanism is working to build up sustainable social societies/countries.

How to create transformational teams that works perfectly in harmony.

In this modul we are learning about the differences between each individual in the workplace and how you can optimize and achive results you could not dream of.

To lead different team members out from their gifts and support them with their own words, brings out happiness and assures their good health.

Ho to apply this new knowledge into practice in you life

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