Forjadora Civitas, the Think Tank of Africa

UN Goal number 16 is thta fundamental value for Forjadora

Forjadora Civitas is the Portuguese name for “the think tank”. Forjadora Civitas is bringing forth every aspect of within a democratic society.

To “see” is a gift, and to understand is a gift of God. To do something about this is wisdom.

What is Forjadora Civitas

Why is Forjadora Civitas necessary

How does Forjadora Civitas works

Forjadora is working with the Swedish political party KD-Kristdemokraterna to make their Statement of Principles to a valuable tool for the Christian Democratic Party´s political work in Sweden, as well as within the Nordic co-operation, in the EPP (European Peoplés Party) and in CDI (Christian Democratic International.

Forjadora strives to implement these Statment of Principles to develop our own democratic political work in Africa.

The Statement of Principles (English PDF):

When do Forjadora Civitas becomes visible

Who is driving Forjadora Civitas

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