OutReach Mission

Mission 1000 days is a course we are giving right now. Our focus is about 50 participants mainly from northern Mozambique. We teach via Zoom and whatsup. 

The courses lasts A) 6 weeks intensively followed by B) 8 weeks of internship and then C) a final week before they are sent to places with unreached people to found adapted congregations / cell groups / prayer houses etc.

During the 1 000 first days they should receive financial support and then be self-sufficient. They receive a short Media education in the and will then collaborate with radio and media. They will also be involved in developing new forms of communication.

How to become a financial supporter

To become a financial supporter to one of our OutReach Missionaries, please take the next steps below:

Contact us at info@ipromel.org and ask for the “OutReach Support package”. In this document you will find any information about How to become “OutReach financial Support” to one of our OutReach Missionaries. This mission is closest to our Gods heart, we can not abandon Africa, we need you, now!

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